5 Best Ways to Confirm A Date Via Text

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Arranging and planning your first date is often the hardest part. First, you don't know how to determine if a girl is willing to date you. So what you need to do is ask her out and let her see how good you are. But before that, you need to confirm your date through your chat text to make sure things are still there.

The downside is that there is still some degree of anonymity and zero accountability before the first date. That's why you usually need to confirm your date with a text message first. Whether you are setting up a date yourself or using one of our favorite millionaire dating apps, this is a good practice. A little confirmation can do a lot of good things.

How to confirm the date by text and stay attractive

No matter who you are or how well you handle it, she will still have a little peeling off, or she will think you will skip it. The solution is to learn how to confirm the date by text.

We'll show you how to do this with some general guidelines and some basic examples.

Don’t be needy

Try to imagine your first date as only two people meet. Of course, it's a bit more complicated than this, but the more you think about it, the harder it looks.

Maintaining this mentality will help you avoid difficulties when confirming your date. I know that when they were particularly attractive in the past, I found that I had almost encountered this situation.

For example, you should never ask her if she will be "good" in the future. By agreeing to date you, this made her feel that she helped you a favor. Confidence is very important, this method can convey anything.

Instead, keep your text short and casual. Even a simple "is still useful tonight?"

2. Patience, you’re both human

If she can't date, it's not necessarily a trade destroyer.

I have already introduced this when it comes to how to reply to a canceled appointment text. In short, if life is blocked once or twice, that doesn't matter. The third time is where I lined.

Although some people will tell you to run in another way, I want to remember that she is human. Crazy? We live a complicated life and there are many things that can be hindered.

If she has to reschedule, please don't accept it personally.

3. Always confirm the date

In my opinion, this is a bad suggestion. Look, this idea is a "real man" - no matter what it means - can't confirm the date. He is a caveman who has fortunately appeared.

However, in the real world, men and women are human beings, which is a bit different. Humans live a complicated life and have complex emotions. There are many reasons why she may not be able to do this, some of which have nothing to do with you.

Of course, she should give you a message of courtesy, sometimes she will be at the last minute, but why wait? Instead, confirm the day you plan to meet.

Not only do you respect your time, but you also let her know that you will not peel off. Remember, by agreeing to the appointment, both of you take a little risk. In the long run, it is only helpful for her to feel comfortable with you.

4. Confirm the day of the date

Unless you have scheduled a date a few weeks ago, it is best to wait until the day to confirm. Either way, you need to know if she will still come, right?

It is a bit poor to start asking for the day three days and the date.

On the other hand, maybe you all have terrible timing, and she has been away for a few weeks. If you have her date back, it will happen many times. If you take a break during this time, it's not that bad. But two weeks of radio silence is an adventure game.

5. A mid-morning text is how to confirm a date via text

I found that the text on the morning of the date worked best. For those you have never seen before, it is too early in the morning. It’s too late, it’s hard to make other plans for your night.

I won't set a reminder at a specific time, as long as I think about it - about 10 o'clock is good.

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