What are the top lies about online dating profiles?

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According to recent research, many men and women complain about the fact that users lie to their online dating profiles , no matter dating sites online or dating app. Why do people lie in their profiles?

On the surface, the answer is simple: to attract people. Yet there is almost always a deeper reason. When people lie about who they are in their dating profile, it means they don’t actually believe they are appealing enough as they are. They can only rely on lying to get attention. Of course, in this way, has achieved a great effect, indeed is to attract more people to send them messages. But we all know what happens when people lie about their profiles: the truth comes out later, and as a result, people become more suspicious of the whole dating experience.

So What are the top lies about online dating profiles?

The Income

Scammers are a natural addition to the real money on rich dating sites. They pretend to be millionaires, but really only for money or sex. There are also people who are not millionaires but are rich enough to lie about their finances in order to get attractive young women to fall for them. In fact, lies will always be caught one day, if you cheat them, they won't trust you, they will resent you for trying to cheat them. What's more, your date will also analyze your lies to show that you don't think you're good enough, to be honest. If you are not satisfied with your current job status or income, you can be honest and write an effective work plan. I believe this will be more attractive.

The Height

In dating profiles, both men and women often lie about their height. Both men and women lie a lot, whether they think they are too short or too tall to be considered attractive. For example, society is harsh on short men, while women, who are much taller than average, have their own set of annoyances. Interestingly, women who are exceptionally tall tend to appreciate their height later in life, even though they may feel strange or different at a younger age. Short men, on the other hand, often don't have the same appreciation or pride in their height. According to the report, most women are reluctant to date short men, believing that short boyfriends will not make them proud among their friends. So whether you're happy with your height or not, you should be honest about your height.

The Weight

This includes posting photos of a much thinner version of yourself, and passing it off as being current! Weight is one of the major self-esteem issues that both children and adults face. It affects a person's mood and overall self-esteem. Instead of lying about your weight, do the opposite: tell the truth. Who wouldn't date you because of your weight? What was that? Goodbye! Then press delete. Who wants to be with someone who only likes you under certain conditions? Moreover, no one feels good about themselves when they lie. Maybe you can lie to make sure you have a first date with someone, but being direct from the start saves everyone time and energy. For those who are overweight, upload a real-time photo where people can see your body and even feel free to say how fat you are. For example, "I might want to lose 20 pounds," or "I might be too heavy, but I do try to stay healthy."

The final rule to remember…

Speaking your truth is not only for the benefit of others but also for yourself. By being honest from the start, you'll have more respect for yourself and others will respect you more. They are also more likely to find a serious long-term relationship.

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