What to do when you end the relationship with the rich men?

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end up relationship

Generally speaking, a woman meets a rich man dating online for a long time. Finally, you find that they are not suitable for each other, then how to deal with your relationship?

The first is that the relationship is completely destroyed: endless quarrels, discord, cold war, you are sure that there is no possibility of re-repairing the relationship, and each other's troubles will overlap the light of possible joy. This relationship has completely exhausted each other's patience and gentleness, and there is no need to prolong their suffering and protect them. It is best to quietly and peacefully break up, and the memories of the former will not be replaced by anger and hatred. Trying to restore this relationship will only have more quarrels and unhappiness in the future.

Another dilapidated relationship - often quarreling for some trivial things, just to get better communication with you. Despite all sorts of unpleasantness, the two are still in love, and once they leave, they will not be happy. However, something went wrong. This deadlock relationship can be called a spiral dead end. In other words, it is time for partners to enter a new level of communication, full of understanding and acceptance. Some time in their lives is over, a new life is coming, they still cherish each other, but it is difficult for them to achieve this transition to a new level. Everyone only hears themselves when they try to explain things that are important to each other.

First, define your relationship

Ask yourself if your partner's touch, hug, touch, or kiss makes you feel good. Do you still feel these contacts despite quarrels and crimes? Will they make you feel positive and happy? Ask yourself and listen to your body. Believe us, you can consider a lot of things, but your body will not deceive you. If your partner's touch drives you crazy if you don't feel annoyed and unwell, then everything is fine, you really have something to fight for and save.

Control your emotions!

No one can control their emotions during a quarrel. Maybe you will say a lot of hurtful words, it will also hurt your companion, and he will also hit you with the same hurtful words so that you feel the same pain. So, ask yourself, what is the significance of such mutual harm? Have you won? No, not. If you can bear it again, maybe the result will be different.

So, control your emotions, keep your emotions, analyze every word of your partner and yourself, and don't respond to blame. Finally, try to listen to your partner and try to understand what they tell you and what is hidden behind their words. Maybe they lack your attention, understanding, interest, and gentleness.

Control yourself and change your strategy when responding to blame and preparing to break out of your mouth. After all, you already understand that your previous strategy didn't work, showed patience and understanding, and it paid off. Usually, emotions prevent us from hearing each other. Usually, we only hear ourselves, we only regard our point of view as the only correct point of view. Try to listen to the other.

Change the reality. Let's play. Tell him that your relationship is over.

So, you are tired of your relationship, you want to change them, you want to prove something to your partner, explain something, but you don't know what to do, or if things get worse, how to tell your relationship is over. It's hard to control your emotions. There is a good way out.

First, tell the other person that you want to improve your relationship, and you hope that you can be understood. When you define your position and desire, please change your partner: you will become them for a while, your partner will be you. It can be only one day, even one hour at night. In this therapy, you are really close, and things that seem inexplicable will disappear on their own.

Learn to talk about your feelings

Usually, we are afraid to face our feelings, so that we are more likely to hide them under various instructions and blame. Our fears have plunged us into a relationship in which we are not always easy to get out of. Therefore, try to change the language of insult and blame, command and exhortation to the language of love and care. Talk to your partner about your true feelings, good or bad, and let him try to understand you. vice versa. When both parties can communicate in a language of love and care, it is believed that nothing can be sustained.

In fact. Many relationships break apart just for a moment, and the loving couple divorced because of an impulsive move. If you don't want your relationship to be like these impulses, then I hope to calm down and make a decision before you decide on the relationship.

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